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October 05, 2010


Connie B.

Beautiful article. Sometimes we get messages in the strangest but comforting ways...Keep writing...

Deb Call

Thanks, Connie. This experience teaches me to suspend judgment about how loved ones who have passed on can communicate with us. The dream, whether one calls it "after death communication" or not, brought great comfort to me.

Deb Estep

Dear Deb,

I loved reading of your dream.
I believe 100% in their ability to come to us.
Thank goodness you have peace that you were not able to
see yourself connecting in finger tips with your Dad.
The visual of him well had to be so awesome. !!!

The day you wrote this was 11 months ago that my Dad passed.
On Oct 6th, I had the most awful day of missing my Mom. The 6th
was 6 months and 16 days since her death. I was having some children type
issues. Mom would have listened to me. No judgments, just listened. :)
As I was sitting at my computer with my Facebook page open, I was crying like
I had not done since her death. I glanced to the side of the page and there
was a photo I had posted of an angel. NOT just any angel, one sent to me after
Mom's death, by a dear friend who lost her son Lance in Iraq.
On the front of the angel are the words....

Angels are always near to those who grieve....

I was SO comforted. I wrote a Facebook note about it. I most likly
would not even have shared the bad moment, if it were not for seeing that
angel photo. IT was a nudge from Mom.

Here is the full story of the angel from my blog, it's AMAZING.


Deb Call

Deb, I am so glad to hear that you found comfort in ways that you did not expect while you were feeling your loss. Angels come in many forms!

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