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March 29, 2012


Deb Estep

Deb, your post reminds me of a Moody Blues concert we went to in the summer of 2009. The venue was an outdoor pavilion that seats maybe 4000. We had really great box seats. My hubby, dtr Nicole, her hubby Brian, and our youngest Kevin (13 at the time). You might think HOW could a 13 year old be interested in the Moody Blues ? LOL He had been exposed to their music from birth. He can sing several of their songs straight through. :)))
You are right, their music enchants. Your 'review' brought me back to that magical summer night with the family. !!! Thank you !!!!

Debbie Call

It's interesting to hear you experienced the magic as well, Deb. It makes me sound old fashioned, but I find the Moody Blues refreshing from other major rockers who appear to live rather sordid lives.

Deb Estep

Ohh you're right Deb. I would rather have the music speak than a bands off stage antics. :)

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